Better Food For All

Examining the complexities of scale, labor, cost, and quality when it comes to making food that is better for everyone and the environment.


With more than 7 billion people on this planet, how do we feed everyone in a sustainable way while also leaving the environment a better place than before? TakePart and PepsiCo are teaming up to tell stories of how the world eats and the challenges we face in ensuring everyone has access to healthy, safe, and delicious food. 


A Note From TakePart

The pressure to produce enough food to feed the world is growing. That’s a big challenge in itself, but doing so while providing everyone with a healthy diet and without damaging the environment is the real goal. Can we do it all? Hard to say, but we can most certainly do better. 

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More People, More Food, and More Demands

PepsiCo brings drinkable oats and fiber to China

PepsiCo brings drinkable oats and fiber to China

PepsiCo's 50 in 5

50 in 5: PepsiCo Works to Cut Emissions, Water Usage